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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the resources, tools and knowledge to athletes and coaches so that you can be empowered to step into your fullest potential and "get out of your own damn way!" It's your time to get our of your head and into the game! 



Kristyna Bertolone


A former collegiate athlete, playing and captaining the softball team at Southern CT State University, where she graduated with a bachelors in exercise science.  Post collegiate career she became a physical education teacher, high school coach, and earned her Masters degree. After 15 years in the education world, she decided to resign from teaching and sport coaching to follow her passion for helping others in the realm of mental performance.

Game Changers was created in 2018, however it has evolved quite a bit over the years.  In 2020 the pandemic gave Coach K an opportunity to do more "off the field" stuff with her own athletes. Soon enough, athletes and coaches from all over the US were starting to reach out. 

In December of 2021 Coach K was able to resign from her teaching and coaching career to pursue mental performance coaching full time.  In this last year she has served hundreds of athletes from all over the US in person and virtually.

Game Changers has allowed her to help "change the game" in the lives of so many student athletes and their coaches, and in turn it has been a real game changer in her own life.  She has gone through the ups and downs as a student athlete, as a young educator and recently as someone who has gone through some major life changes. It brings her absolute joy to be able to help others through her own life experiences.


  • Southern CT State University : Exercise Science

  • University of St. Josephs: Masters in Curriculum Writing

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